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 If I may share with you my top 12 marketing influences of 2009. These top 12 individuals have inspired me to become better at marketing and they have basically handed me the tools necessary to develope the skills that I can continually apply to marketing for a long time to come. First and foremost I would like share this with you. I became an entrepreneur 2 years ago and I have learned that you can never know enough in this field. Along my journey I have crossed paths with some very influential people who have helped me in my personal, business and financial life. I am full of gratitude for the opportunities and knowledge given to me to help me succeed in all my endeavors.

Monica BeltranMarketing and  Advising   www.linkedin.com/in/monicaabeltran

Ted Makovsky – Internet Marketing – 7 Tips for Profitable Niche Blogging http://goo.gl/fb/ZAp1

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Lori Ruff- Very good friend connected on linkedin Lruff@iasocialmedia.com

Simon Leung – Internet Marketing Trainer/Coach http://SimonLeung.com

Jenny Ferns – Psychologist and Trainer/Consultant www.jennyferns.net/BabyBoomer.html

David Meermen Scott – Marketing speaker and bestselling author www.davidmeermenscott.com

Shama –  Web TV Show Host, Social Media Marketing Speaker/Trainer www.ClickToClient.com

J.Schulmansr – Gold & Precious Metals, Investing & Investments http://jschulmansr.wordpress.com

Alister Cameron –  Web/Social Media/Blogging www.alistercameron.com

Renee Blodgett – Social Media, PR, Marketing, Inspiration, Blogger, Coach http://downtheavenue.com

Moe Farahat – Internet Marketing Consultant www.linkedin.com/in/moefarahat